“Our lives begin to end the day we

become silent about things that matter.”





Renae Casey-McMichael

I'm a single mum living in Adelaide, and mother to the most wonderful daughter. Our lives were turned upside down in 2016, and made exceptionally difficult through circumstances beyond our control. As a result I was forced into Family Court, and then later in Youth Court by the Department for Child Protection.


Through my dark journey, which has only made me stronger and more resilient, I have learned how the Court systems work, and how hard it is for good protective parents to challenge an all powerful government and judicial system.


I will use my journey to help make changes, and will speak loudly for all those that don't have a voice. Challenging a billion dollar industry can be daunting and traumatic for many -- especially for children being subjected to court and departmental decisions that are often made in the "worst interests" of children.


My focus has always been the happiness of my daughter. I am ready for the challenge to help make the changes so that children are not disadvantaged by government intervention in their lives.

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Dee McLachlan

Strategy, Media:  


Dee is filmmaker, author and journalist having made the award-winning film THE JAMMED. The film helped enlighten audiences and lawmakers on the atrocities of sex trafficking.


She is also the founder and editor of Gumshoe News which has published over 90 articles on the problems of the Family Court and child protection systems from a number of contributors. She implemented a survey into the Family Court cases in 2018 which demonstrated the malfeasance of the system, and how children are not heard.


Rachel Vaughan


Researcher, Advocate:


Rachel has become one of the most important researchers and advocates to expose the systematic abuse of children in Australia today. As a child during the 1970s and 80s, she was sexually abused by her father and was trafficked to abusers around Adelaide (known as ‘The Family’).  For over 13 years she has reported these crimes and named her abusers, but she found it impossible to have those responsible investigated by authorities. In August 2018 she gave testimony to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ). She says, “I cannot sit back and allow this injustice..."  (Read her statement here.)